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"Hannah Free is achingly beautiful, both in the rich, textured material and fine performances."

Notes From Hollywood

"If you get a chance to catch this film, you should be the first in line. "

Lesbian Lifestyle

"Even at Death's Door, a Lesbian Couple Still Find Peace Elusive"

New York Times

"Sharon Gless really knocks this role out of the park"

David Mixner

"Sharon Gless brings grit, authenticity and dimension to the title character. She commands the screen."

San Francisco Chronicle

"Touching and haunting, this love story told through the ages is both sad and encouraging, a must-see for anyone who has loved and lost - or still has hope for the future."

Fresno Reel Pride

"Gless transcends [all] as a once-and-forever firebrand!"

Chicago Tribune

"As always, Sharon Gless was a pleasure to watch! This film is well acted, beautifully shot and incredibly touching! Don't miss it!"

Tampa Gay & Lesbian Iinternational Film Fest

"Ms. Gless delivers a stellar performance that is gritty, poignant, and real."

Huffington Post

"Cagney lives, and she's as cranky as ever."

LA Weekly

"Gless, glammed-down and butched-up, delivers a dignified yet vulnerable, heart-tugging performance—and it's a reminder why we're demanding full federal marriage rights now."

Instinct Magazine

"Hannah Free reminded me of Fried Green Tomatoes - only the women were allowed to be lovers in this! Sharon Gless dominates the film and is funny and touching and real."

Greg in Hollywood

"This is a quality movie with high caliber stars, writers, producers and backers and certainly worth wandering with Hannah down her very own Memory Lane. "

"Hannah Free has garnered well-deserved praise and acclaim from the LGBT artistic community."


"This level of interpersonal lesbian drama definitely gives the women of The L Word a run for their money!"

After Ellen (Logo Online)

"Hannah Free is a beautifully done film."

Rage Monthly

"When Sharon Gless so fearlessly looks in the camera and declares her fierce love for another woman, and her desire to have that love known to the entire world, it's tingle time, head to toe, and worth the price of admission."

Karin Kallmaker Editorial Director of Bella Books

"Hannah's struggle to put some closure to her complicated life with Rachel achieves genuine poignancy."

Bay Area Reporter

"Sharon Gless's fire, foul-mouthed candor and heart drive this intimate story."

LA Splash

"Love scenes with Rachel and Hannah as mature older woman are beautiful in depicting how a love can age like fine wine."

New York Q News